How to fight depression and anxiety

Life is not always fair. I have been hearing this a lot lately. Sometimes our stars are not in the right order or something and everything goes against us. From the perfect morning tea to other most important things in our life, everything seems to be not so perfect anymore and we just try to deal with it day in and day out. The only thing to do is wait it out and let time or God fix things for us. This waiting period is excruciatingly long and painful and it is during this time when anxiety and depression creeps in and makes life unbearable.

Diet is one thing you can control. Did you know that the keto diet also helps with depression? The high energy levels make you feel great about yourself and life in general.

So what else can we do to distract ourselves while waiting for this time to pass?

Get out of bed

Just pull yourself out, take a long shower or a fancy bath with candles and bath salts and everything. Apply all the relaxing bath techniques. Get dressed. Wear you favorite clothes. Go an extra mile and add jewelry or other accessories to it. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are perfect.

Get a Haircut

When you look at the mirror you might consider chopping off your hair. An advice straight from the heart, please don’t do it yourself. Book an appointment or ask an experienced friend. Changing your hairstyle gives you such a fresh look. It also changes your perspective about life when you are feeling like a new person.

Be Creative

Its time to take out those old paint brushes and canvases you bought a thousand years ago and never used them. Just paint anything. Watch youtube videos of painting for dummies or google beginners guide to painting. Use any of your crafts and create something. Knitting and crocheting reduces anxiety and depression considerably. Do you know you can create a lot of beautiful things with anything and every useless thing you have at home? Start with empty plastic water bottles or even a empty cardboard of toilet roll. You can create some wonderful organizers which will bring us to our next idea.

Organize and reorganize

Open that drawer of yours. Any drawer, any closet and any section of your house. Pick one and organize. Again you can research for any idea online. Use your favorite colors. I believe every person has a “happy” color. A color that activates the happy hormones in your body and makes you smile. Find it and use it. Organize everything according to the way you like it. Makes you feel that you are in control of at least this section of your life. Its my sock drawer and I will put all the red socks together and no one can stop me. Yes I am a very passionate individual.

Declutter, sell and donate your stuff

I don’t know how it happens but you actually have so much you don’t use. Choose one room and you will find so many things just lying there without a purpose. Like our life, every other thing needs a purpose. If you don’t have one for it maybe someone else does. Put it out there for other people who can use it more. Sell it on Facebook marketplace or ebay for some extra cash or just donate it to your nearby donation centre. It will be your good deed for the day which leads us to the next very effective step towards happiness.

Do a good deed

I read an article which said doing a good deed releases another happy hormone called oxytocin. Its also released when you get a massage or a hug from a family member. Doesn’t it feel good to be kind? Try it sometimes. Help someone, listen to their worries, baby sit their toddlers (let me know if you are available for that), walk someone’s dog, do their dishes, cook food and share with your neighbors. Just be nice in general like when I am at a grocery store at the counter, if there’s an old lady behind me or someone with a toddler having a hard time, I just let them come in front of me. Trust me I feel so much better doing something nice for others even if its just a little act of kindness. It can make you happy instantaneously.


Reading takes you to a different world. It lets you forget your own worries and worry about the characters in the book instead. I love reading books and figuring out how it should’ve ended or thinking about who killed who. Its so much fun to think how you would have reacted in the same situation. Sometimes you virtually travel to a city on other side of the world which is so beautiful, so magical. I love to travel and these days books have been my best chance at it. I feel they do a better job than actual travel because when you are on a vacation you hardly have time to study each and every art or monument in detail. But books go at the pace you want. You can imagine the glorious artifacts and analyze and appreciate their beauty for as long as you want.


Yes traveling helps you get rid of sadness really fast. If its possible for you, pack your bags and don’t miss that bus. Change of environment helps with any kind of sickness or worry. You can mingle with different cultures, learn about their history, find out all the natural beauty bestowed upon them and how they have conserved it and eat their food. I always feel every town, every city, every place has its own wonderful smell. Take it all in and breathe. And smile.

Nature and Outdoors

Another thing that can a put a smile on your face is wearing the most comfortable shoes on earth and going outside for a walk. Go to the nearest park, walk the trails of your local forest preserve, observe all the beautiful flowers, the various plants and trees. Watch the sunset or sunrise. You may find a perfect spot to watch it and this can become your favorite daily or weekly activity. You can even paint or read outside. I love finding the tallest deciduous and evergreen tree in my area and changing it to a personal reading space. If weather permits, I would stay outside all the time.

Retail therapy

This one is not really my thing. I don’t like spending money specially when I am short of it. But people swear by it. Shopping does help you feel wonderful at times. So go out and buy that dress you’ve been ogling at for a while.

Watch a movie

Or a light hearted TV show. Comedy is a plus. I personally love Gilmore Girls. It has even persuaded me me to decorate my two year old daughter’s walls, one with a Yale theme and other with Harvard. Never thought something good will come out of watching TV but I am thinking about my daughter’s education. What can be better than that. (I just want her to move out asap. Does Yale accept two year olds?)

Sing and dance

I experienced this one by accident. My daughter forced me to do this and oh it felt so good. Try singing your favorite songs. Google lyrics. Apple music has all the lyrics too. Check that out. Sing at the top of your lungs. Sing all the poison out. Find a friend, or a partner to sing with. Its more fun. My partner these days is a two year old of course. Add in some of your dance moves if you feel like it. I am not much of a dancer. I am so bad that if I dance in public, people actually come to me to tell me to stop humiliating myself. It has happened for real. They beg me to stop. But hey I can do whatever I want at home, show all my moves to my daughter and she loves me for it. In fact I think it has improved my relationship with her and she tolerates me better with those moves. Coming back to the point. Singing and dancing can surely raise your spirits in seconds.

Phone a friend

Don’t feel like singing, try calling a friend, a family member or an acquaintance. Remember the 3 lifelines in “Who wants to be a billionaire!” Sometimes this becomes your lifeline for real. (If you do become a billionaire thats a sure shot to happiness for eternity) Calling someone and talking about things helps a lot. You don’t need to talk about yourself. Just let the other person do the talking. You will realize eventually they needed you equally. Everyone needs a ear to vent out, to pour out all their problems on, to share their blessings with. Sharing your happiness increases it by three times and telling someone about your sorrows cuts up your misery in half. As a matter of fact the right person can get rid of depression and grief completely. I pray that you all find one.

Pray and count your blessings

Praying for you reminded me how it helped in reducing my own sadness. I strongly believe in the power of prayer. Ask for forgiveness. We often don’t know who we have hurt unintentionally or what we have done wrong. Also thank God for your blessings, whatever blessings are left. Look around and you will find many. Write those down. Maintain a journal.

Write a journal

This needs a completely separate section of its own. The most important and influential people in history kept a journal. I have come to the conclusion that always having a notebook or a journal nearby can help you jot down your most precious thoughts and ideas anytime because you never know when genius might strike. Write down your thoughts all the time. Put your grief in words. Some day you will read it and find solutions in your writing. It may even help your future generations to understand you better. I always think about my great great great great grand kid finding my diary and thinking wow my ancestor was such a badass.


This brings me to another significant idea. Did you know that walking 10,000 steps every day for a month gets rid of your belly fat for sure? Its tried and tested. There goes one of our causes for depression. Yoga makes it easier to keep your mind focused to good thoughts only and lets you breathe out all the bad ones. Exercise should definitely complement your keto diet to get best results.


Given that I am following a particular lifestyle which is not so common, I have to cook multiple times every single day. Keto diet involves creating a lot of new dishes. Cooking can be therapeutic and if done properly it will make you feel so good about yourself. I feel a sense of achievement whenever my husband or daughter love and compliment the food I cook. It straight away gives me a sense of contentment.

Play with your little one

Kids are so happy. They just need a pot and a spoon to have fun. It can cause a lot if distress to your eardrums but try copying your toddler. Next time your toddler is doing something crazy, follow her. Its so much fun to bang a spoon on a container or dance and run around the coffee table with socks on your ears. Please don’t judge me, my two year old made me do it. But I will be honest, I enjoyed it.

There are a lot of other things you can do. Follow your hobbies like swimming or horseback riding, get massages do something for yourself. Never compare your situation to others. If there is something which you can’t get over and are still feeling the blues, call for professional help. Do not ignore it. I hope this post reaches all the sad people in the world and delights them immediately.


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