When you have nothing cooked for dinner while on a strict ketogenic diet, that is when the ketostophe strikes!

You try to figure out the limited food choices you have outside but wait… they are actually not so bad! Every restaurant is smart enough to help you out with it because its the most easy diet ever.

Here are some tips for eating out while on Keto:

Low Carb/Calorie Menu

Ask for the low carb or low calorie menu. Many places have started offering these. If not separately, every menu these days has a low carb section. Go for it and do your math before ordering!

Order anything you want

Yes, it is true! you can order anything you want but with some restrictions. Let them know you want no carbs in your meal and the chef can make it accordingly.

Order the burger, but with a twist

Ok, so if the last tip does not work, order a burger and tell them just put it in a lettuce. Yes almost all restaurants do it. They can give you the condiments on the side and wrap your choice of meat in lettuce.

Go for the steaks or try other grilled options

So the place does not serve steaks, so what, who doesn’t have grilled tilapia or Cod or fresh Bass? Check out the sea food menu

Do not order drinks

Thats a given that every drink will have carbs in it but my husband did order a mojito once and was wondering why I was staring at him. Ask fI or sugar free options but my advise would be to stay away from drinks except water of course.

Go out! Enjoy! Don’t let Ketoing be an excuse for you! 



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