Simple cooking tips for preparing Keto-friendly meals with a toddler

Don’t you love to check out new ways to do things more efficiently and effectively? These tips will certainly make cooking easy and so much fun!

Top 5 Reasons Keto is not working for you

We have all been there. We start on this shiny new diet we just heard about and have seen people shedding weight like someone (me) who lost their hair after pregnancy, or like toddlers losing their crayons or number of socks lost in my washer. Anyways, ketosis all seems so magical like you’re a 3…

Fried Shrimp with zoodles

Hmm, I have been a pasta lover all my life. They used to be my favorite carbs. My husband never liked them and these days he has been making fun of me about it. However, yesterday I gave him a surprise by creating this epic zucchini noodle recipe which was completely gluten and carb free!…

Mind blowing Keto Burgers with zero carbs

What if I tell you that you can still have burgers? I would prefer these over any burgers. I find these extremely juicy as well as healthy with just the right amount of seasoning and cooking. Accompany these with one of these sides, they look simply perfect. Ingredients 8 pieces Cloud bread 4 Chapli kebabs…

Avocado Chips

When you can’t eat potato chips you find a better option!

Cloud Bread

Oh there are a million recipes out there for cloud bread. The first time I started Keto I thought there is no keto without cloud bread in your diet. That turned out to be just a myth but there is certainly no keto in our house without this fluffy and delicious food item. Ingredients  4…

Keto Snacks

Snacks are one thing you have to give up when you begin any diet. However if you are keeping a sharp eye at your macros you can actually make space for a few of these wonderful keto-friendly snacking options. I keep at least two of these options available all the time to keep the cravings…


When you have nothing cooked for dinner while on a strict ketogenic diet, that is when the ketostophe strikes!

Chicken Tikka Recipe

I love making these. Not only is the end result yummy but it’s extremely convenient to just take one out of the freezer and air fry or bake them. Yes I marinate 20 or 30 pieces in advance and freeze them.   The trick lies in getting good leg and thigh pieces. I just ask…

Palak Paneer Recipe (Spinach with Cheese)

Who really likes spinach? I love all the healthy properties of spinach and the beautiful green color it provides to any dish but girl, you need to be really creative with this for it to actually taste yummy. I love spinach in smoothies and love to add them in my other dishes so that my husband…

Keto Pancake Recipe

Yummilicious pancakes! Better than the original and my two year old ate it all 😃

Easy Keto Egg Muffins

Do you like eggs! Are you always in a hurry! Prepare these ahead of time and just grab and go for a hearty protein and fat filled breakfast with hidden veges 🙈

All about Ketosis

All you need to know about Ketosis… well all I know about ketosis!