Don’t give up on Keto yet! Watch these to keep your spirits high!

Nope these do not show keto recipes but they do motivate me and make my daughter to make and eat all the keto meals I give her. After that we do the keto dance on one of the songs in the movies. Its all about having a goal in your mind and doing everything you can to achieve it. Here is my list of best movies to watch while cooking or eating! These are also great for giving as gifts to your nieces and nephews.




This is an awesome animated movie about a boy who loves to sing and has to go to the world of the dead to convince her family to let him fulfill his dreams. Yes that’s what I am teaching myself and my daughter. Nothing should stop you from living your dream. It helps us sing towards our keto goal!




If coco is about singing, Leap is all about dancing. For me it has been more than just that. Its about taking a leap in the depths of the unknown and having faith in yourself and in god. Running after a dream involves taking a lot of risks and falling and failing and being able to get back up. Its about that one passion that will pull you out of any kind of misery. Ooh I would love to have that, wouldn’t you?

The songs are so beautiful and so inspiring. We sing and dance all together as a family and this certainly keeps us happy!

Winnie the Pooh



Who hasn’t seen the cutest animated movie ever made starring the silliest bear with very little brain? Yes we are a little obsessed with it. Have read the stories a million times and have watched the movies a trillion times. Winnie the pooh quotes stay in your heart forever and make you believe in yourself and in your friends. Of course for our dieting purposes I love: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”




Again, this show is all about a very brave girl and her free spirited horse called Spirit who are inseparable. It is about having a free will, courage and adventures and about long lasting friendships. I simply love to watch it with my daughter and we sing it together:

“I’m gonna ride, I’m riding free As long as I am here with you, I feel the spirit within me.


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