Healthiest Keto-friendly Breakfast Ideas

This is my favorite meal of the day, specially when my little one is asleep. Who am I kidding, she wakes up before anyone in the neighborhood and I have yet to experience the feeling of having breakfast in peace.

However my two year daughter’s pickiness as well as my husband’s dietary restrictions (placed by me) has given birth to the extremely creative child in me. So here is what I serve for breakfast and yes my toddler has approved it which makes this list so special and close to my heart.

Egg Muffins

These are extremely easy to make. The best part is you can twist and turn this recipe as much as you want. You can make it from scratch or use leftovers. You can freeze them or eat them all. Even writing about these makes me want to go and grab one from the freezer. Just reheat them for 30 seconds or more and you on-the-go breakfast is ready.

Keto Pancakes

Easy delicious low carb pancakes

Wow! who would have thought almond flour pancakes would taste so heavenly. These are full of protein and can be eaten with Walden farms zero calorie syrup. You can add a bit of the sweetener or these Lily’s dark chocolate chips for some variation.

Sausage Omelette 

Low carb breakfast ideas

For this simply make an omelette with cheese and sausages and add your favorite keto friendly vegetables. I love to add Serrano pepper for a nice hot flavor. If you do not have sausages, any kind of leftover meat would do.

Fried eggs, sausages and avocado

Simple keto friendly breakfast
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These look beautiful on the plate. Fry two eggs, sunny side up, add a sliced avocado and two sausages for some more protein.

Cloud bread sandwiches

We love to play with the fluffy cloud bread. Eat it with butter or make grilled cheese sandwiches with it.

Egg and chicken salad

Boil two eggs mix them with half cup of mayo and some shredded chicken. Season with your favorite spices and add cabbage if you want. Your perfect egg salad is ready! Wrap it in lettuce or eat as is.

Share your favorite keto breakfast recipes! I would love to try it out!


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